Resting days between different wokrouts?

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by Akkush, Jul 30, 2015.

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    If we say that someone have combatsport workouts, weightlifting workouts, and lighter, bodyweight workout day (sprints, pushups, etc.) in a week, which is the best way to put them in order to have enough rest between the next workout?

    Fore example, you shouldn't have a heavy lifting day before sparring day becouse you will be weak, or you shouldn't do lifting after sparring day?
    You can do pushups or runing every day becouse you regenerate fast after that, or you must have resting days when you do nothing at all?

    Please write it down how would you do it if you have 2 combatsport class, 2 lifting day, and fill the gaps with the "light workout" days!

    Thank you!
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    stuck in a triangle
    this is something im always trying to figure out myself,but i will say one philosophy i live by is to never work my legs until theyre sore before i go to judo,because i feel like with stiff legs i cant be light on my feet and thats a knee injury waiting to happen

    you might be best served just following something like starting strength 2-3 days a week and getting your conditioning in class,or else work in cycles of 4-6 weeks...strength,endurance,power

    also you could do something like hit 1-2 lifts with high weight/low reps,and do a little circuit after

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