Resistance bands with real resistance


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Feb 14, 2003
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Ok I just bought a set of resistance bands that offer up to 70 lb of resistance using this clip system:
My question is whether or not these are as effective as free weights? I'm getting these because they're portable and they offer some real resistance I suppose. I've been doing free weights for the last couple of months until my shoulder got injured (from grappling). I'm not looking for bodybuilder gains or anything. My long term goal is to probably get a body type like Masato's Lim.JPG

I usually only workout my shoulders, arms, abs, and back. For my chest I just do pushups. So I wonder if these are ample enough to do the job at home and such when I don't have time for the gym. Also, I'm also using these to rehab my shoulder. Thanks.
I've been experimenting with rotational work with resistance bands.Good for rehabbing like you said.I wouldn't use any bands with clips cause i've seen them snap afer awhile and if there was a metal clip on the end-say goodbye to your eye.

-get some dumbells or do some bodyweight exercieses
-TRAIN YOUR LEGS and do some with compound movments
-a bodytype like Masato? If your parents are Mr. and Mrs. Masato you got a chance
-basically your strenght program is garbage.
No. Better than nothing, I use them when training away from home when I can't get to a gym.
"real resistance"

"offering 70lb of resistance"

you know that bands do not offer "real" resistance, that their resistance varies, right?
Those are awsome maybe I'll get some. They're also cheaper and stronger than the ones I use at my dojo.
"I want a body like Masato's" should be a punk song.

*Go's to look for bacon*
Honestly those bands are weak. I sell bands that go up to 200lbs per band on my website.

If you want to get extra explosiveness in your lifts they are great, that and the weightlifting chains. Louie Simmons has some good routines for them.
Clip those to a barbell loaded with at least 200lbs and you've got some decent resistenace for working on your bench, other than that they're kind of weak.

Have you tried reading the stickies so that you have a clue how to build a training routine?
To make my home dumbells a little more interesting, I took a spare bike tire tube, and hook it around the grip. Rows, curls, single db OHP, etc, it adds additional varying tension that I consider worthwhile. Cost around $3. I can increase or decrease tension with a little creative folding or foot placement.
bands=good while traveling b/c they are better than nothing....

otherwise they are much poorer choice than free weight....the resistance varies depending on how far you stretch the bands.....