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Aug 3, 2006
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so my old log was at:

basically it died because i was finishing up my last semester in college and i didnt want to "waste" my time on working out. needless to say i paid the price. but now i have graduated and im hoping that this log will be "for life" so to speak. no more, "im gonna do this until christmas break, then this until spring break, etc" because those breaks dont exist for me anymore. i dont quite have a set plan yet but i figured id better just get started and take it from there.

stepped on the scale this morning and checked in at 224.2/25%. id estimate my "natural" bodyweight to be about 205/21 so those numbers shouldnt be hard to attain but id like to hit about 185/15 eventually. weightlifting is a strong point, cardio definitely a weak point but ill try and balance the two. im going to log workouts as well as occasionally throwing up my nutrition intake for a given day just to make sure im staying on track. any feedback is welcome/appreciated but im hardly a noob on these boards, just a lazy bitch.

without further ado...
deck of cards (bw squats, jumping jacks, situps, pushups) in 21:42

2215 cal
58g fat
260g carbs/27g fiber
171g tein
(EDIT: forgot my PWO shake, so my totals were actually like 2565 cals, 59g fat, 322g carbs(27g fiber), and 195g tein)
basically it died because i was finishing up my last semester in college and i didnt want to "waste" my time on working out.

Wrong you "waste"d your time on your last semester of college!!! :icon_twis
deadlift 1x5@135, 155, 185, 205, 225
bent-over row 1x6@95, 115; 2x6@135
upright row 3x8@85
barbell curlz 2x12@65

2935 cal
84g fat
348g carbs/31g fiber
200g tein
2-mile jog in 20:49... terrible time just happy i finished it without having to stop

2840 cal
62g fat
374g carbs/52g fiber
201g tein
Push Press 1x5@95, 105; 3x5@115
Closed-Grip Incline Bench 1x6@125, 2x6@135, 1x6@145
Wide-Grip Flat Bench 1x8@145, 155, 165
Pushups 1x12 with each arm balancing on a partially deflated basketball and the other on the ground (should probably come up with a shorter name for this, any ideas?)

started deck of cards (tire flips, tire jumps, sledge swings, and situps) but i got way ahead of myself. difficulty was way ahead of my cardio level and the cards were blowing away in the wind and i got tired/frustrated so i stopped about halfway through ~13:01

Diet from here on out shall be done on a random or by request basis. If I see I haven't logged one in a while, I'll try to get one up. If you guys call me out on slacking off and think I might be cheating, I'll log the next day for you.
Back squats 1x5@135, 155, 175, 195, 215
Front Squats 1x6@115, 125, 135, 145
Lunges 1x8@45 (backwards); 2x8@45
2 mile jog in 19:58
That's some perfect squat in your av!
That's some perfect squat in your av!

yeah, this child is clearly not descended from my line of incompetence...

225.8/23% - not sure what to make of these numbers, not gonna put too much stock in them for now

Meal 1: oatmeal (1/2 maple and brown sugar, 1/2 regular) with whey shake
Meal 2: pork tenderloin and rice (1/2 white, 1/2 brown)
Meal 3: granola bar, 2 yogurts, some leftover chicken breast
Meal 4: salmon with apple sauce
Meal 5: mixed nuts and cottage cheese
Meal 6: casein shake
no clue what the calories add up to or anything, but figured a look at my sample diet might give you guys a better idea what i'm up to

softball league starts friday so i spent about 2 hours today taking batting practice and shagging flyballs
same softball deal as yesterday plus a little scrimmage, followed by this core workout

Full Contact Twists (slash a first-timers bastardized version of them) 4x5(each side)@barbell+10; 1x5(each side)@barbell+15
Turkish Getups 3x6(each arm raised) w/ 15lbs. DB; 1x6(each arm raised) w/ 20lbs. DB
Saxon Side Bends 3x8(each side) w/ 10s
Reverse Crunches 2x12@BW
"Cindy Circuit"??? 5 chinz, 10 pushups, 15 bw squats, repeat... i lasted 12 minutes this time
DL 1x5@225, 235; 3x5@245
Hang Cleans 4x6@135
BOR (inverse grip) 1x8@135; 2x8@145
Supermans 2x12@BW
started my job today so my schedule changes a bit from here on out but ill try to stay excuse free
went to the pool to swim some laps, but as i walked in they closed it in my face because some kid had just thrown up in the water so i took my first complete day off in about 10 days

Wide-Grip Incline Bench 1x5@155; 4x5@175
Push Press 4x6@155
Bench Press 3x8@185
Alternating DB OHP 2x12(each arm) w/25s

Breakfast shake: 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop casein, 1 scoop powdered oats, 1 scoop peanut butter
Mid-morning snack: yogurt and mixed nuts
Lunch: roast beef sandwich on whole wheat
Afternoon Snack: cottage cheese and pretzels
Dinner: salmon burger on wheat bun, apple sauce, granola bites and milk (for dessert)
PWO shake: 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop dextrose, 1 scoop maltodextrin
PWO meal: chicken and wheat pasta
Nighttime snack: 1 scoop casein
Squats 1x5@215, 225; 3x5@235
Front Squats 1x6@145; 3x6@155
Tire Jumps (in+out=1) 3x8@BW
Walking Lunges 2x12(each leg)@BW

some softball and some ultimate frisbee

first softball game of the season, 1-for-3 with a double and no errors in the field (but we did manage to lose 11-1) followed by...
Full Contact Twists 2x5 w/ barbell+25; 3x5 w/ barbell+30
Turkish Getups 4x6@15... apparently youre not supposed to use your off arm for assistance which made these a little harder than last time
Saxon Side Bends 3x8 w/ 12.5s
Ab Wheel Rollouts 2x12@BW
went to the pool at a local high school, didnt really count laps and tried to keep a decent pace but i was probably slacking a little. alternated regular freestyle stroke and breast stroke, still felt some burn

Breakfast 570 cal, 21g fat, 40g carb(7g fiber), 60g tein
Mid-morning snack 230 cal, 2g fat, 42g carb(3g fiber), 11g tein
Lunch 295 cal, 3g fat, 43g carb(6g fiber), 23g tein
Afternoon snack 270 cal, 16g fat, 24g carb(3g fiber), 11g tein
Dinner 560 cal, 25g fat, 40g carb(1g fiber), 43g tein
PWO meal 480 cal, 4g fat, 67g carb(7g fiber), 43g tein
Nighttime snack 120 cal, 1g fat, 4g carb(1g fiber), 24g tein

Totals: 2525 cal, 72g fat, 260g carb(28g fiber), 215g tein
Good Mornings 1x5@135; 3x5@145; 1x5@155
BOR 3x6@155; 1x6@165
"Power" Shrugs (???) 1x8@165, 185, 205
barely even made it out there so ill consider this an achievement
Push Press 4x5@155; 1x5@160
Bench Press 1x6@185, 195; 2x6@200
Dips 1x8@BW, BW+6, BW+9
Reverse-grip curlzzzz 2x12@65
softball game after work (4/4 with no errors in a 15-8 victory) but then i got lured into going to the bar afterwards for food and beer thus negating any and all progress for this week

Front Squats 1x5@155; 2x5@165, 170
Back Squats 4x6@235... doing front squats first really threw off my balance for these and it felt weird
DB Stepups 3x8(each leg) w/ 25s