Reevaluating My Plan..


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Mar 4, 2008
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Almost two months ago, I decided to add in heavy lifting to my schedule due to summer vacation. I used the two day split from the FAQ and slowly dove into it. I started with an active recovery week and just stopped short of failure by around 2 reps. Now, I'm no stranger to DOMS since before I began BJJ, I lifted for around 2.5 years (just a skinny kid trying to fill out, went from 110-160 pounds) but stopped before I began BJJ which has been for around 6 months.

But what I noticed is that my BJJ progress has really slowed down. It's not so much the muscle fatigue as my body as gotten used to it. But during rolling, my head isn't clear at all. I've just been getting tunnel vision when I roll and not as "quick-witted" as I normally am along with feeling like I'm gassing out a lot faster. At first I thought it was my motivation but I have no thoughts of not going and am usually excited to go and realized that I started getting this "weight on my mind" about 3 weeks after I began lifting which I believe has something to do with CNS fatigue.

My diet consists of around 4-6 meals everyday with a protein source and as much fruit and veggies as I can. I try to get the carbs around my w/o or training sessions. My supplements are a multi, whey protein, and fish oil. Due to it being summer now, I get plenty of sleep along with naps.

My weekly sched normally looks like this:
T- Strength Training
F- Rest
S- Strength training
Sun- GPP / Warrior Challenge / Rest depending upon how I feel.

Has anyone experienced this or dealt with anything like this before? I was thinking of switching my workouts into the type of strength training sessions that Ross uses in Infinite Intensity. Do you guys think this would be a good idea?

Now my #1 goal is to improve in BJJ but as a two stripe white, I can only go 3x a week. So I wanted to do what I can outside to help me improve as much as possible.
Take 10 fish oil a day and call me in the morning. 10g fish oil and 5g of creatine for improved mental function, every day, forever. This really seems more like a question of diet to me. I find what I eat and how I eat/supplement HEAVILY influences mental function. I'd start there.
and when's the last time you took a week off of everything?
Yeah I'd take a week off or just do BJJ like once a week for 2 weeks.
the last time I took a week off was the week of my birthday, my very birthday, ie, I was 0 years old
the last time I took a week off was the week of my birthday, my very birthday, ie, I was 0 years old

Not many people realize this, but by week two K-dub was in the squat rack sporting a full grown mustache.