Recomp Havoc/Epistane Review


Douchey Mc Douche
Dec 7, 2002
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After just finishing up my PCT (Of Formadrol Extreme), I have decided to post a review of Recomp Havoc (Clone of Epistane, Epi-Max, Humungo etc)

First and foremost, the purported strength and mass gains of this suppliment are true. Assuming you are running a caloric surplus, it is not hyperbole to say you can gain 10-15lbs in four weeks (Mind you, I used the pulsing method to minimize shutdown, so my cycle lasted a littler under 60 days)

At one point during the cycle, I had posted a gain of 19lbs (From 219 to 238), but I would estimate only 2/3rds of that were lean gains (I had gone a little overboard with the bulking and packed on unnecessary fat and water).


Amazing strength and size gains. My biggest gains were to my bench (From 295-315) and my SOHP (210-230), which I have historically struggled to improve on. Deadlifts and Squat each went up by 30 lbs respectively
Increased vascularity and muscular seperation
Increased intensity when inside the gym*


Oddly enough, I experienced some pretty bad water retention in the face and stomach when using Havoc. Mind you, this side appears to be an exception to most users experiences. More likely than not the water retention can be attributed to my increased carb intake.

Insane joint pain in the elbows and wrist (to the point where I would wake up in the middle of the night). Cissus did little to help this

Decreased sex drive towards the latter end of the cycle. No testicular atrophy to speak of, just didn't seem "in the mood" as often.

Very mild acne when starting the product. No different than what happens to me when I start ZMA and Tribulus.

Lethargy outside the gym. While havoc makes you feel invincible inside of the gym, I felt rather drained when performing day to day activities.

Overall, my experiences with Epistane have been very positive. Would I recommend it to everybody NO! This is a very powerful compound that can cause some serious damage to the endocrine system and liver if used improperly. However, if you have some experience lifting, and want to try the most poweful *legal* suppliment on the market, give it a go (after performing your due diligence and doing extensive research).

Support Supps on Cycle:
Liver Longer
Cycle Support
Centrum Multi Vitamin
3g of Vitamin C
12 capsules of Stinging Nettle


Formadrol Extreme by Legal Gear (A real SERM is probably better, but also illegal)
2 teaspoons of Creatine EE
12 capsules of Stinging Nettle

Starting Weight: 219
Final Weight: 231