Really tough decision to make, can anyone relate?


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Oct 28, 2003
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Yo guys, I see myself faced with a really tough decision to make. Well first of all, I have ulcerative colitis. For those of you who dont know what that is, its where your immune system attacks your colon. Ive had it for like 5 years now, and right now Im going through one of my worst flare ups. Its basically ripping my insides apart, I wont get into the details of it. Im losing mad weight (20 pounds in past 6 months) and my energy and strength are way down. I was doing fine as of last week as far as my stamina goes, but this week I just crashed. I couldnt even run a mile in gym yesterday, thats pathetic. Ive actually been having problems with this for the past 6 months, but its finally starting to take its toll on me. Well it all comes down to this, in my current state there is really no way I can continue to train Jiu Jitsu. It really disappoints me because it is something that I really love to do. Its so hard though because since Ive gotten so weak I can hardly compete with anyone in the gym, and its frustrating not being able to do what I could before. Moves/positions that didnt really bother me before are now really painful. I told myself for the longest time that I was alrite and I would just tough everything out, but I cant do that anymore. Ontop of the twelve pills a day I already take I just got put on some steroids (prednisone) and I might be getting put on another medicine this week. Im gonna definitely take some time off from training to see if this new medicine makes me better, and hopefully it wont be long until I can return to training again. Im gonna talk to my coach on monday, Im sure its gonna be a big shock to him. As of last week I was training full blast and had a competition that I got second in. Anyone else ever go through anything serious like this that has made you consider stopping your training?
You can't train effectively if you're not healthy. Take a break, relax, build some weight back up. Sorry to hear about this man -- I know it must be really hard to take a break from something you love.
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Honestly man I can't relate but that is hard shit to go through. Just take a break, and figure it out at the time you are home. I honestly hope you get better and this fight is much tougher then any NAGA tournament. Good luck.
Ah that sucks man sorry to hear about that. Hope you get better soon, until then rest regain your strength. But nah i've never been through something this serious to stop my training luckily
Thats not a nice thing, mate.

I guess all you can do is discuss it with your doctor and see how you might continue to participate in the sport in whatever capacity you migh be able.

From what I read, the symptoms can come & go, so it might be a case of riding out the storm and coming back when you feel comfortable enough.

Only thing you can do for now is to go get some further med. advice and try to stay as positive as possible.
What is the treatment for ulcerative colitis?
Treatment for ulcerative colitis depends on the seriousness of the disease. Most people are treated with medication. In severe cases, a patient may need surgery to remove the diseased colon. Surgery is the only cure for ulcerative colitis.

Some people whose symptoms are triggered by certain foods are able to control the symptoms by avoiding foods that upset their intestines, like highly seasoned foods, raw fruits and vegetables, or milk sugar (lactose). Each person may experience ulcerative colitis differently, so treatment is adjusted for each individual. Emotional and psychological support is important.

Some people have remissions
Alternative health people would say your colon has an infection, because you don't have good bacteria to keep the bad out. Read up on it and see how it goes.
id say for energy issues see if you can get a b12 shot from your doctor. my grandfather gets them age 79 and hes been through cancer, gall blatter surgery, shattered ankles all in the last 8 years. and the b12 shots help him with energy at least he says they do so thats my advice for helping energy. i hope you have medical insurance if not take a b12 vitamin
I'm so sorry to hear that. I couldnt imagine being taken out of jiu jitsu for health problems. it must be hard to leave something you love so much. i hope you recover and start training again soon :(
Sorry to hear your problem bro, but it reminded me of a documentory i sore on parasites. There was a women who had the same thing you have from memory and you know what cured her? WORMS.. yup no shit, regular prescription of round worms i think they were, she used to drink the eggs in a liquid. Apparently we have evolved for so long with worm parasites that the body can go nuts and attack itself when they are not present.

Have a read up on it dude and keep it in mind. No joke.
Hard time you have to go through!
But only advise I can give is that you have to put your healthyness on top of everything.
If you feel better and stronger you can come back and whoop some asses
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The guy is seriously ill and you are giving him shit about his grammar? What the fuck is that?

Couturefan16, I can't imagine what you are going through physically but I hope that you improve sooner rather than later. Hopefully your new meds will make things a little better and you'll be able to get back to the mats.
i was born with ulcerative colitis
had it for the first few years of my life.
it occasionaly flares up and i was very sickly as a kid and having severe asthma didnt fucking help.
but touch wood ive been very good for over 10 years now .
just give it time.
fucking rest and you will know when you feel good enough to go back.
My wife recently had major surgery and is unable to practice BJJ for several months (4 or so). As you all well know, the time off is killing her.

Although it is tempting to get on the mat, she tries to occupy her time by working out in other ways. She slowly increases the duration and intensity of her workouts as time passes. After one month of recovery, she is now working out on the stationary bicycle and stair stepper for 30 minutes, 2 times a week. I believe she would give you the same advice
Man, sorry to hear about it, but you should look at BJJ in the long run, as a life project. Last year, I had a major stomach surgery that kept me from training for 6 months, and what really helped me was to go to the matt and participate through watching. I think it is important for you not to stay completelly away from the sport. I am back to training 6-8 a week now, fully recovered and those 6 months are behind me.
Everyone has their share of problems in life. Just keep your head up and stay positive. I hope your conditions improve.