Crime Real Hate Crime Beating in Chicago... Where's the Outrage?

This thread? Absolutely.

Scerpi is only interested in stories with white victims because that's the only narrative that interests him.
Well when it comes to white and black violence...Blacks are the perps close to 80 percent of the time so maybe he's just posting stories that the media really doesn't cover.
The media does it to stoke division. Nothing more.
Yep and in 300 years people will still be blaming the long past for their own personal inadequacies and to divert from personal responsibility and accountability. The media does this not only to stoke division but to stop people from actually looking into the stats and calling the elephant in the room out.
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This is lady got canceled from life... Over a park confrontation

The white woman dubbed “Central Park Karen” when a video of her confrontation with a black birdwatcher went viral three years ago says she is still living in hiding and struggling to stay employed.

Amy Cooper claimed in a new opinion piece for Newsweek that she has received an endless flurry of hate mail that told her she deserves to be raped in prison or to kill herself and referred to her as a “Karen” — a term used for white women who victimize people of color — since the 2020 encounter in the Manhattan park.

“Over three years later, I am still in hiding. I am scared to be in public,” she lamented in the op-ed published Tuesday.

“I still can’t get a job that meets my qualifications,” Cooper wrote. “And there have been long stretches of unemployment. All leading to thoughts of self-harm.”

Did she beat this man and make him lose his 2 month unborn baby?

Oh, she called the cops on him because he was confronting her for her unleashed dog?

Well... that was certainly worth so much national attention that she gets death threats and got fired from her job.

You're such a fucking clown

Cmon... douche. Defend the treatment this woman received. Please...

You lack self-awareness. You're accusing me of playing the race card" but the point is you're the one exclusively posting white victim news. You also can't read, as you're asking me to defend what happened to this woman despite the fact I've already said it's very bad. Have I ever defended an assault? Ever?

I'm incredibly fair when it comes to commenting on crimes. Statistically, white people commit less hate crimes per capita than other races. Any race can and will commit hate crimes. Instead or regurgitating stories from right wing hacks, you could do what I do and occasionally check to see what crimes have been committed and prosecuted, absent partisan motive.

This thread (and you) are racist bullshit because you only care about stories where black people are the villains. You don't give a flying fuck about any story where there's a white villain. You complain about liberal media always blame white people but here you are doing exactly the same thing in reverse.

I'm sure you're well aware that these stories are compiled and distributed by Neo Nazi sites, they love useful racist idiots like you and Shadowrun amplifying their messages.

I don't play this game. I do sometimes attack fresh stories to check for veracity, like I successfully did with Loudoun (where you called me a rape apologist). Most of the time I just ignore the story and wait to see how it develops, because we rarely know enough in early days. You and people like you thrive on these ignorant early days because all you care about is the narrative. You're exactly like the idiots that believed Smollet.
The media does it to stoke division. Nothing more.

I completely disagree.

They do it for clicks and revenue because these are desperate times for media outlets. Riding partisan outrage (left OR right) is the easiest way to get clicks.

I was studying to be a journalist in 1990 and abandoned that idea because even then, all my professors said proper journalism was dying.
What do you think explains the inequity in coverage?

In s vacuum obviously no hate crime is worse than another with respect to black vs white.
I will answer your question, but please answer mine first…

Is it your position that news stations are considering the historical plight of black folks when deciding how to report on a story that involves crimes between black/white people?
North Koreans have had it worse than anyone and you don't see them doing that kind of shit here among their refugees that have made it to the US.
Well I obviously wasn’t using in that way so what’s your point

It wasn't obvious though, which is why you got push-back on your usage.

The most commonly understood defintion of the word is the positive one, not the negative.

Lol, smh.
Of course it would be. And it's pretty obvious why, given the largely one sided history of racial inequity and racial violence in this country's history.

I know there are a lot of people who don't understand history but it's weird that anyone would expect seemingly racially motivated attacks by blacks against whites would be treated in the media as "the same" given the absolutely dissimilar history with respect to the experience of whites and blacks as it pertains to racial violence.
I really do not care about history of one sided inequality talk pressent and if this was outragous crime and should be treated like that
I really do not care about history of one sided inequality talk pressent and if this was outragous crime and should be treated like that
I feel sorry for you then. History is the greatest teacher.
History teaches us that race-based discrimination and unequal treatment is bad… yet here you are making excuses for it. SMH

Feds gonna fed. My guess is "Homeland Security."
History teaches us that race-based discrimination and unequal treatment is bad… yet here you are making excuses for it. SMH
I think you need to reread what I've written. I wrote something very specific. A reason for why certain hate crimes against certain "races" are covered differently by the media. Not every reason is an excuse, those words are not interchangeable.
This is literally just another "black people/brown people bad" thread, a race bait, playing of the race card by the same kinds of people who always do it...the ones who say they HATE it. The ones incapable of having a nuanced discussion about racial issues, but instead do the same sh*t the NY Post does and make a thread every time a minority commits a crime where the victim is white in yet another "will ya look at this?" Or a "why cant those people just behave" context. I haven't seen any outlet, not even the Murdoch's tabloid rag referring to this as a "hate crime." I haven't seen anything where the victims said the attackers said anything racial.

And I find it interesting that this is being held up in that context by the very people who guffaw every time a case towards minorities does make National News. The same squakers who show up in here or tag myself and others demanding argument who decry their incessant need to question the validity of those cases, or at the very least declare them as isolated incidents. The same kinds of people who use Chicago as one of their hallmark examples of just the violent tendencies of black people, especially towards each other, suddenly these people weren't attacked because of crime trends there, they MUST have been attacked because they're white. Same old grievance positions as always.

cutting through all the nonsense, isn't the overarching issue about race? specifically overrepresentation of black crime and a complicit media that enables it while externalizing the blame?

it's been such a problem since 2020, all the viral videos can't be a total lie.
violence is a problem in all communities but it's worse in some than others and if we want to improve things we can't bury our heads in the sand and look for solutions in the wrong places.

You don’t believe that policing and sentencing was not draconian towards the minority community. The war on drugs didn’t split up families? Our government had no role in causing the crack cocaine epidemic. I see so many pot shops around nowadays. How many minority lives were ruined from pot arrests?

It’s not about calling those minorities out. It is about fixing the issues because it is a problem for all of us rather than their problem. Those people are American. There needs to be accountability from both sides. You can’t hide in your head in sand while the government broke up their communities and then go oh they act this way because they are culturally inferior. Their access to schools, healthcare and even food are still shit. It is definitely not equal. It’s going to take time for these people to get their shit together. If you talk to any black people. They know what is wrong with their community. They have to live with some of those savages within their community. It's not like normal folks living in those areas aren't victims too.
This thread? Absolutely.

Scerpi is only interested in stories with white victims because that's the only narrative that interests him.
Just seeing the headline and who the TS was, I knew the race of the victims.
We all know who the real racists in America are. Most of their violent hate crimes are not labeled as hate crimes. Then they're out on the street to do it again. That's why you see some of these chumps with 56 arrests free to go about their criminal life until they get caught again.