Discussion in 'Archives' started by animal mother, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. here are the three posts i have seen of yours since you came on tonight:

    "the french dance to their own drummers"
    "we will see how he develops"

    really fuckin' helpful.
  2. cybercoma Guest

  3. hesatool Guest

    Don't forget in one of the comic's threads...

    "I never really got into comics."

    That was really fucking insightful. I learned so much.
  4. Erazmus Guest

    RCCOLA is worthless in every single aspect of life. His bandana story proved it, his car rental story proved it, and all his posts further verify that his absence from the world will not make anyone unhappy.
  5. VOD Guest

    Yeah, you're so much more informative. I'd rather stab out my eyes than read either of your posts.
  6. Are you defending RCCOLA?
  7. Erazmus Guest

    B1G, I would stay away from posting that to RC. He is very sensitive and runs to the mods.
  8. VOD Guest

    No, I'm bashing Eramus. I don't care for either very much. Do you really think I'd defend anyone. I probably only harbor decent feelings for one or two posters, the rest of you are sewer water to me.
  9. MOI?
  10. Erazmus Guest

    Non, moi.
  11. I seemed odd to me too. That really doesn't seem your style.
  12. OUCH Purple Belt

    Nov 15, 2002
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  13. We know there's at least one!

    beep, beep VOD!
  14. VOD Guest

    You posting in this thread is like dropping another turd in the toilet, just fucking maim yourself.
  15. I'm sorry, did I upset you? I thought we were friends! Have a balloon! They float!
  16. Zanshin Green Belt

    Oct 28, 2002
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    Glad to see there is still some consistency.
  17. VOD Guest

    The whole IT gimmick would work better if you tried having an original thought rather than just quoting lines from the movie. Go touch your child's crotch and back the fuck off of my posts, you're fucking nothing more than an idiot without a bit of creativity.
  18. If that were true, then why would you bother responding? You don't do it with many others! HAHAHA How can you not quote a line from the movie? You back off my posts, I back off yours!

    beep, beep bitchy!
  19. cybercoma Guest

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