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rating my new Kaizen athletics rashguard from budovideos.com!!


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Nov 19, 2004
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Thought i would let everyone know about the new rashguards i got.First off i got my order from budovideos.com in two days like every other time i have ordered from them the shipping was super fast and no problems.As for the rashguard it seems very tough the stiching is excellent and i don't think that will fail for a long time.It fits alot better than the atamas i usually wear.Everyone should check into them if they are considering new rashguards....

Budovideos.com - Kaizen Athletic
the real question is, did you pay the intro price or did you pay the regular price. Theres no damn way I'd pay the reg price.
They had it on sale for $24 before....I wish I hadn't slept on that deal...lol
I got a short and long-sleeve during the introductory sale. Pretty good rashguard. I like the length, doesn't ride up, and the gray color is nice.
yeah thats what i liked the most my atamas ride up...the only other ones that don't ride up on me were some quicksilvers i had a couple years ago.I will be wearing these from now on!!!