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Rate my cutting diet / exercise plan

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by raags, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. raags White Belt

    Sep 8, 2010
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    5ft 5.5in
    64.7kg dry as fuck

    You have a BMR of 1652.74.

    Current exercise is:
    - Fasted cardio, low-mid intensity, 20min, 4 mornings per week
    - Gym 3x per week (primarily compound lifts, little rest between sets to keep heartrate up)
    - MMA followed by BJJ class 2x per week (MMA is 1hr and is very conditioning intense for me, BJJ is 1.5hrs and also pretty taxing)

    As per Harris Benedict (I'd say I'm between 'moderately' and 'very' active):
    1652.74 x 1.6 = 2644kcal avg burn

    Morning: ~700cal
    2x Eggs, scrambled with 1tbsp milk = 154cal
    20g~ cheddar cheese = 60cal
    20g feta cheese = 53cal
    30g spinach = 7cal
    100g tomato = 33cal
    20g diced onion = 11cal
    ~100g chicken breast, grilled, skinless = 165cal
    2 slices wholegrain bread = 200cal
    I really enjoy this breakfast, I feel it's pretty good nutrition wise, and it tastes fucking great...I may cut out the cheddar cheese though.

    Afternoon: ~500cal
    ~150g chicken thigh, grilled, skinless... = 314cal
    ...sauteed in some kind of homemade Asian sauce = 50cal??
    Big serve of vegetables [bell peppers, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, etc... depends what there is, I don't measure this] = 100cal??

    Evening: ~460cal
    ~100g chicken breast, grilled, skinless = 165cal
    1pc wholemeal toast = 100cal
    30g spinach = 7cal
    100g tomato = 33cal
    20g feta = 63cal
    30g olives(5-6 , haven't weighed) = 33cal
    40g sundried tomato (estimated) = 58cal

    PWO [after Gym or MMA+BJJ]: 236cal
    60g banana = 45cal
    1/2 cup reduced fat milk = 61cal
    2 scoops whey = ~130cal

    TOTAL [inc PWO nutrition]: 1896cal
    = 750cal deficit.

    I want to lose 6kg of fat in the next six weeks before I go travelling.

    Thoughts? Recommendations? Advise? I feel moderately hungry on this but not enough that I can't willpower my way through it... Also I still may be underestimating the multiplier for Harris Benedict... I might be more towards 'very active'.

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