Rashad on Lil Nog: "He's a Really Good Boxer, Good Counter Puncher, But I'm Faster."


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Aug 13, 2007
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"He's a really good boxer, a good counter boxer. But I'm faster. I'm quick. I think (speed will be my big advantage). Besides, I think I'm better looking too.

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We know yer gonna use wrestling anyway rashad, so stop bragging about being "faster" striking.
Seeing how Rogerio did vs Davis and Bader, style wise I dont like this fight for him. Although, he did TKO Tito and looked good. And Rashad is not a guy who can take a punch well.

I think Rashad by UD as long as he doesnt get hit too hard. If he does, Rogerio by TKO
It's true.

Nog is more comfortable in the pocket though.
i'm going with rashad obviously
I agree.

I see Rashad using his wrestling a lot in this fight though.
Rashad has great wrestling and a BJJ blackbelt, yet I've never seen him go for a sub.
I, along with most observers, expect Evans to wrestle his way to a decision in this fight, but I'll be extremely impressed if Evans stands with LilNog, and outboxes him.
Man, lil Nog can't catch a break. The guy keeps getting matched up with wrestler after wrestler
Picking Lil Nog for the win. if the fight hits the ground maybe he can remember his BJJ
Rashad by decision though I think he stands with him for a bit and does well.