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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by ssckp86, May 25, 2008.

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    Judo's tourny season is over, I went to 5 of them and placed 3,2,1,3,1 respectively. Now, I can devote some more time to Powerlifting. I want to know what YOU THINK is a good routine is. I've done the 5x5, I read the S&P almost daily, and I've read the FAQs numerous times. The conjugated looks nice. I'm down with teh deadlift and so the Coen/Phillipi looks nice. One thing I've noticed is that some programs do a Squat/Bench type thing, w/ the deadlift being trained on the sqaut day, strange..(?) BB.com has some templates and some routines focus on one lift [eg Smlov squats] then how do you train the other lifts, or are you only enhancing one lift during the routine?

    People here can be very helpful or just assholes, matter a fact thats why I love reading S&P b/c you dont stand for trolls/idiots but sometimes you guys dont get who is actually down with lifitng, I started Powerlifting b/c of reading the S&P. It'd be great if the real powerlifters here could compare routines and the pros and cons based on experience. Links to a template [if they are hard to find] would be nice. BUT, if not, just letting me know of a routine and what its about would be appreciated.

    Been a LONG time [~9 mos] since trying for a max lift, but I've been doing more reps at the higher weights, [eg doing 5 reps on a wieght vs. 1 rep]

    295x1 (working on it)


    I have a log named "Korean Log" which hasnt gotten much [really any] input. You guys could drop by in there too.
  2. I have been doing the push/pull/squat for a while and it has been working great. You bench one day, squat another and deadlift on another. Then from there, you do assistance exercises to each of those lifts and it's been working great.

    Also, the smolov cycle, although I've never done it, I'm 99% sure you are only increasing your squat on that cycle, you do other lifts just as maintenance basically.

    Also, you don't need a 'perfect' program, take squats, deadlifts, bench press, some type of overhead press, rows, pull ups and a bunch of variations of that and you'll be fine.
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    yeah the push/pull/squat 5x5 has been my routine for awhile now and strength gains were definitely there. i also did the first 4 weeks of smolov and bumped my squat like 40lbs. if you want to focus on squat i definitely recommend it, but you wont have much energy to devote to the other muscle groups, like fennway said basically one or two other exercises per day just for maintenance.

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