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Radio Talk show host Wendy Walsh

Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by jeffk, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. jeffk Brown Belt

    May 21, 2007
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    I guess she has been on Dr Drew's TV show and other TV shows in the past.

    I have been listening to podcasts of her radio show recently and some of the stuff she talks about I like. She talks about recent studies and evolutionary psychology.

    I appreciate her openness to talking about stuff. On a recent show she was talking about online dating and instructs guys on dating sites to not send dick pics.

    I get the feeling she was hot when she was younger - or she thought she was hot. She has talked about dating professional basketball and football players in the past.

    On a recent program she talked about people on Okcupid. In 2005, 69% people on the site thought it was okay to sleep with someone on the first date. In 2015, 50% of the people on the site would sleep with the person they met on the first date. She explained that the population in 2005 might have been more adventurous since there was still a taboo of online dating sites so that might explain the change. And she pointed out that people go on multiple dates a week now from sites so they aren't going to sleep with a high percentage of them. And women are starting to see that sex doesn't mean people are in a relationship.

    She then talked about the most often searched words on a search engine on adult sites. Teen, lesbian, and I forget the world but it was something like close to incest - sex with a step daugher or step brother and step sister having sex. That was a new one to me.
  2. Kardashians ☆ sitting on the moon ☽

    Aug 23, 2015
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    Lol, oh boys, gonna be one of those threads lmao.

    Also, those porn searches sound about right from what I've heard.
    If you want to some fun opie, go to that site that shows current porn searches, like as they're typed in at that moment
    Find some sick shits on there

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