Quote needed...?



Basically guys, I'm having a tatoo on the inside of my forearm and I want some kind of a quote or phrase which holds a significant meaning...so I was wondering if you guys could foward any suggestions as to what I should get? Thanks!
you should get something that means something significant to you, not others. it's your body that this will be permanently on.
percepton is reality...If you think about it its very true in all instances!
RTR, easy boy, we'll have that hammer out of your asshole in no time. Just Puuuuuuulllllll.

Try something like, "I don't have time to bleed." from Jesse Ventura in Predator.


"Gargle glass and shit razorblades, I'm a bdamotherfucker."
90% of the game is half-mental!!

id like to see you get that tatooed on your forearm, fokker!
I personally recommend the following:

"Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."
This black guy at my gym has "Let Me See That Thong" Tatooed on his outer bicep.
Have I missed somthing....When did razor and rtr start having an affair? :D
Listen to RTRs words. He's the guru, the man with the master plan.
"To the brave belong all things." i always thought that one was cool. It was said by a Celtic Chieftanbefore sacking Rome.
weight of the world on my shoulders like Aretha Franklin's ankles--Chino XL
Buck naked face down in the grass so i can fuck the world as yall kiss my ass--Ras Kass
In this game im not trying to get fucked like 2pac in jail--Chino XL
If lifes a bitch i want her with 2 kids--Thistin Howl lll
If you can walk in my shoes you can sleep in my grave--Thistin Howl lll
Im a honor to be with but a jerk to talk to--Rise
I make a :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:'s "DuRag" Do not want to--Ras Kass
I will not lose--Jay Z
Bitch you dont have enough calicum in your body to pick a bone with me, choke you out with your own gi, like a Gracie--Ras Kass