Quinton Jackson is 3-1 against Glover Teixeira?


Apr 20, 2012
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Pinnacle sports has it basically:
Quinton Jackson 3.410
Glover Teixeira 1.368
I think those odds are odd.

Glover is on an impressive streak but the competition has not been the greatest.

Rampage has been looking for an easy KO lately and not used his wrestling at all. But his last 5 fights have been against way tougher opponents than Glover has had.

Wait, Rampage is favored in this fight?
Glover won't knock out rampage, rampage could easily control him
Rampage could very well win this fight, but I don't know how any sane person could put money on a fighter who is so obviously unmotivated as rampage has been recently
Rampage has a string of disappointing performances in the Octagon for a long time now. Of course Glover is the favorite here.

Rampage took Jardine to decision while everyone else is KTFO'ing him
Rampage didn't even try finish Matt Hamill, Gus finished him easy.
Also dropping a decision against Forrest & Ryan Bader

This is another changing of the guard type fight
I think Rampage will beat him.

Glover just seems tailor made to lose to Rampage imo.
Wow.. Pretty retarded but i thought of the same thing with shogun n gustaf
Crazy odds, not too long ago Rampage was fighting Jones for the title and while Glover has been impressive he hasn't faced any top 10 competition yet.
OK, so now that he is a year older, are you believing he will be less likely to be injured coming into this fight? He's coming off double knee surgery, has been out of the ring for almost a year, and has never been known to take training very seriously. Believing he is going to be in shape for this fight just seems like somebody has their Pride goggles on.

Of course that is possible but just because someone was injured and missed weight for the first time in their 42 fight career, does not make it a sure pattern