Quickest way to take down and opponent


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Apr 1, 2008
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Hey what is the quickest way to take down and opponent, go for the legs or upper body?

Any suggestions?
upper body throws take longer to set up, but they usually put you in a better position than a leg takedown, and they can do more damage to an opponent. i prefer them... but i don't know that they are necessarily faster.
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whatever is best and most efficient usually will get an opponent down. start training takedowns.
Not any good advice per se, but a funny story...

I did my first blue belt tournament yesterday after only having my blue for 1 week. 1st match I pulled guard because I'm not confident in my stand up. My instructor gave me shit. He said it's a poor strategy unless your opponent has vastly superior takedowns. He told me mine were good, so use them. Good advice.

So next match comes and I decide I'm going to get a takedown. Well, that didn't work. Next thing I know, about 5 seconds into the match I'm flying through the air after a judo sacrifice throw. I'm 6-4, it was something spectacular me going for a ride like that, lol.

Turns out this guy cross-trained BJJ and Judo, I should have pulled guard, lol.

Anyway, that's my story on how I was put on the mat VERY quickly.
Hand grenade. The problem with a desert eagle is that a near miss doesn't take him down.
You took the words out of my mouth txfighter. That or my favorite take down is grabbing collar with both hands and throwing both feet in the hips and try to throw them over your head. If you miss, you still usually get guard.

But flying armbar will draw more attention.
Go for the upper body and the legs at the same time. Whichever one makes him fall down, do that one the next time.