Questions about my routine



currently I am coming of the bill starr 5x5. Because of work I'll be travelling in the middle of the week to arizona(M-T) so I will only have access to a gym there.

I am currently thinking of doing the following 4 day routine:

Monday - Squat
5x1 regular squats
3x5 front squats
speed box squats
farmer walks for GPP

Tuesday - Push
5x1 bench followed by 2x10 touch and go (devilson bench program)
3x5 OHP/PP
3x8 dips
Floor press/pin press

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Pull
Ed coan deadlift program

Friday - Conditioning
Tabatas, burpees etc...

1) I find that I have a sticking point halfway up on my bench, hence why I want to do pin/floor presses as an assitance. What rep and weight should I use for this? Should I be doing singles at a weight higher then my 5x1 bench to adapt my body?

2) Should I be increasing my squat as well or just worry about maintaining it while I am doing coans?

3) Any suggestions or additions I should make?

4) What is your warm up like before your set in the coan program
Why not follow the 5x5 exercise selection adn just change the set/rep scheme?
Why not follow the 5x5 exercise selection adn just change the set/rep scheme?

this routine has all the 5x5 exercises. I have also been doing 5x5 for a long time and needed a change. I won't be able to do a M-W-F split for a couple of months so I thought this was the perfect time. My 5x5 gains have also stagnated.
Squat Day:

I don't think you should do ME squats, front squats and then speed squats.

If you want to do speed work, do it first. It might work it have a speed day, one out of every 3 weeks or try a Westside split, such as WSfSBIII. If you do speed work after ME squats, you will be too tired to get anything out of the exercise.

Push Day:

I think you are doing too much here. If you do ME singles that are followed by high rep sets, you will be too tired to also do SOHP, dips and pin presses. I would try to add one more heavy assistance exercises; If you want to do heavier work after the bench singles, pick one exercises - whether it is SOHP, pin-press or floor presses.

Pull Day:

You want to do Ed coan deadlift program and everything else? I think this is a bit too much with everything else you want to do. I would either focus on the Coan program to the detriment of other major lifts or just do pull day that is recommended in the FAQ.

A General Observation:

You do not have enough pulling exercises. You should try to have a similar number of pulling/pushing exercises. On your push day, you have 4 or 5 pushing exercises and no pulling. You need to be doing BOR, CHINS, Pull-Ups, etc. You should add CHINS or BOR on your push day.
You're trying to do a bit too much everyday. Enright answered well.
Squat Day:

I would drop speed squats. they are "supposed" to be more for its own lift on its own day. seems like its too much for that day. i agree with enright on doing it on a 3rd week or even 4th week for a change of pace.

Push Day:
so you have devils bench. if you want you can do some medium OHP before your benching and then dips afterward. if you have a stick up your butt about your sticking point, you can do board presses. if you dont have a board, get a phone book or two and roll it up an duct tape it together. then you can put that under your shirt and bench on it. instant board press. you can do ohp, bench, and then board presses. dips, bench, board presses. etc. just follow your body though, if you start missing reps at devils bench due to fatigue from your other lifts, cut them out. i also agree with enrights suggestion with a pull movement on your push day. what I did was pullups, devils bench, and then devil wanted me to do close grip bench afterwards but i never did that because i had an injury. so again you can do pullups, bench, and board press, or dips or ohp. whatever you want to do. just do 2 assistance with your main bench and make sure you do rehab work.

I personally think you can still do the coan dl program with this other stuff. i know you have been lifting for awhile so you are not a noob. you can handle it. just make the assistance super super light.

1)you can work up to weights higher than your bench for sets of 3

2) Increase your squat

3) i would do 5 mins of elliptical or something gay like that. then i would work up from 135lb double overhand. just keep working up to you cant doh anymore. you should know how to warm up for these lifts though.