Question on cutting fat, without cutting weight



I recently gained about 15 pounds in about two months. I went from about 165 to 180. I feel more comfortable at 180 and alot stronger. I have been lifting heavy about 3 to 4x per week and have been taking no-explode.

Up until 3 weeks ago i was eating like a horse to gain weight, which i have stopped because i am right about the weight id like to be. I have gained mostly muscle with some fat which usually happens as you put weight on, especially as quick as i did.

My question is how can i lean out and stay at 180. What type of things should i do ( diet, training, ?) I've gotten really lean for fights about 6% body fat at 165, but i wanna try to keep some of this mass on and dont really wanna go beloiw 175 unless im fighting.

This is a tricky question if any of you guys can help it'd be apprciated. Feel free to move this to a different forum if you think ill get better results somewhere else in here.
personally i would up the reps a bit and lower the weight some what. and mix some cardio in there. still eat strong but keep it lean and clean. that way you should manage to replace the fat with muscle over time. but make it a gradual process.

this is just my opnion though. I'm far from being an expert.
I'm in the same boat you are in Brandon (formerly 167- now 186). I've upped the cardio to lean out because my friends say to me I am a turning into a fat fuck.
cardio cardio cardio...

treadmill, jogging w/e..just throw on some headphones and RUN!

also eat lean

and decrease the weight and increase the reps
I'm kind of in the same boat, but want to keep the strength that I have gained after moving from 175 to almost 190. If I lower the weight and increase reps, won't I lose some strength from when I was pushing more? I want to lean out a bit, but still be able to push as much weight as I am doing now.
Don't decrease the weights. Keep the weight as heavy as you used before. Just add more cardio. Alos shift calorie sources from carbs to fat and protein (you may not have to lower calories)...