Question for Tap Out short owners


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Feb 28, 2005
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I'm looking to buy a pair and I'm wondering about your sizing experiences and opinions. Does their waiste (on the board shorts) have any give to it? Or is it like SPRAWLS wheir it is very rigid and does not flex. How about fight shorts? What is there sizing like. My waiste is under 30, probably around 28. I definitally don't want them to small, I want to also wear them out side of training. But not too big so they fall off. Any info. would be awesome.
I wear the Tapout board shorts true to size. They really don't have much give. The closure is velcro and draw string.

I wear a 36 and I can fit in a med, large and xl fight short.
i also wear a size 36 in the tapout long shorts and the board shorts the size is true with plenty of room even with a steel cup on still lots of room check out the new liddel and sanchez signature shorts i even think they have new hawana print shorts now too.....