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Question for Sherdog Junkies and regulars...

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Apr 29, 2012
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What's the longest you've gone without Sherdog?

I ask because I went from once in a while, (right before a major event) to once every week, to every other day...and now on a daily basis...especially because of the Mayberry, PM, Boxing and war room forums.

So, what's the longest you've gone with out sherdog and often of a user are you?
2 weeks. I usually browse the site 5 days a week at work. Weekends not so much.
Post on the reg.

Gone several months without.
since Jan '09--doubt more than four consecutive days without going on
I went 2 weeks once because I was in America. Other than that I always browse. The 2 week thing is referring to posting btw.
Just went to Scotland for 15 days with no Sherdog.

Otherwise, I am pretty much a Monday to Friday regular. Little if any weekend activity.
A week or two. Since I got an iphone though, it's pretty much game on.
man...i've never thought about this.

i'd say probably a few weeks.
After my first account got IP banned I went a long while. Then somehow it expired, I created this account, and it has been daily browsing ever since.
Well, I joined Sherdog about 6 years ago. I posted a few times in the War Room. Then I thought that it was stupid and forgot about it. A few years later, I found myself back on here while browsing the internet for a new place to train. I couldn't remember what the heck my old user name was, so I made a new account. I don't think that I've had more than a few days in a row without posting at least once since then.
Since joining? Days and weeks here and there.
I've gone months withouth.

I post a lot though because I've had a lot of jobs where I can sit on the internet.
At first, the UFC forum was the only one I posted on...(I didn't know about Mayberry, PM etc)

That is why I would go weeks without sherdog due to the abject stupidity in that forum.

Mayberry is a chill, hilarious place. It has made boring days at work very bearable.
Several weeks, I too usually browse and post only on the weekdays while at work. I usually don't go to sherdog on the weekend unless I am laying down some vcash:cool:
I wasn't on from my join date until only a few months ago.