Question for experienced Boxers about James Toney fight

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by b00glefop**, Aug 17, 2010.

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    This is a question for experienced Boxers. What do you think James Toney's best chance of winning the fight is? Should he stay back and wait to counter punch Randy while he shoots in for the takedown? Or what if Randy grabs Toney and starts throwing uppercuts, can Toney counter that when he's the one being held onto? What would be the way someone primarily trained in boxing would do to stop someone who is a world class grappler?
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    Not a boxing expert but here you go:

    Use your footwork to reach maximum mobility - a la Dominick Cruz, dont be a fixed target, step to the sides and throw in angles; if Randy tries to close just try to push his head away while you are moving outside the line, dont try to uppercut when he changes levels and goes down unless you are 100 % certain to make a sound hit - if you fail the uppercut your hands and body will be up for a split second and the low clinch and TD is almost assured. (in fact, in traditional "street fighting" is always recomended to punch or elbow the back of the head as the opponent shoots as that gives you more chances to follow up with defensive moves - you are already going down when doing that kind of strike - if the punch/elbow to the back of the head/neck doesnt stop the td attempt, obviously those techniques are forbbiden in mma).

    In m opinion James should concentrate in the first 90 seconds of the bout, put his footwork to the maximum and make explosives pushes when Randy gets too close to the body, dont let him clinch or grab anything, just a fiery push and a jump back/outside and then a quick counter from an angle, then a lateral step again to re-start the routine, rinse and repeat.

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