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Question about Uno vs Penn 2


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Apr 15, 2011
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Why was the belt suspended for? I know they fought to a draw but why didn't the ufc just set up a match again? Was there no interest in that division or was it because Penn moved up in weight?
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It would help if you said Uno vs Penn.

I never heard of a Penn brother named Uno
I assume it was because it would take a lot of money to promote another title fight, and that was during a time when the UFC was in deep financial stress and couldn't afford to spend that kind of money on something that wasn't a guaranteed draw-- meaning a title fight not involving Matt Hughes or Randy Couture or Tito Ortiz (or, to a lesser extent, Tim Sylvia). The UFC didn't even have a MW division during that time cuz', with Baroni losing whenever he was given a chance at or near the title (sadly; it would've been awesome to have Baroni as the MW champion) and Bustamante leaving for Pride, they didn't have any profitable, marketable MWs, and didn't have the money to take a chance on finding and promoting another one for the title.

I don't really know, though, and I'm curious as well.
I can't remember the details. Maybe one of the old-time board members can shed some light.

I seem to recall that BJ felt he won the fight and had no interest in a third bout with Uno, but I could be wrong.