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Question about new banana bag


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Apr 17, 2008
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Hi, 1st post, in before "stfu n00b", etc. I did use the search function. I found something a little related (was a grappling dummy) but wanted clarification just to ensure that the same thing applies. Anyway...

I just bought a new Title Boxing 100lb classic banana bag. I wanted something tall so I can practice low kicks, and I'm getting limber enough to do some fairly decent high kicks, so I outgrew the boxing heavy bag I have. Long story short, I mounted the new bag and started wailing away with strikes and elbows. However, when I switched to kicks, it was like kicking a freakin' tree. I tried to suck it up and just keep going, but holy shit that hurt so bad I had to stop. Turns out I bruised the crap out of the top of my feet.

The questions I have are:

- Is this thing going to break in and get softer? (hoping for this being correct)
- If that's the way it's supposed to be, is that because it's supposed to condition your feet?
- If it's supposed to condition your feet, typically (because I'm sure everyone is different) what' the average until your feet toughen up to the point that it doesn't feel like you're kicking the brick wall out back?
a couple of training sessions should do the trick, if not try kicking it with wrestling/boxing/martial arts shoes, that's what I use on my boxing heavy bag
I have the same bag and it is an excellent choice and yes its gonna hurt until it gets broken in but that should be expected with every heavy bag....now in terms of the top of your feet hurting you generally dont wanna land kicks with the top of your instep. until you lower shin/ shin are tougher...a good spot to land with if you find yourself slamming your instep everytime, is the very bottom of your shin about a couple inches above your instep keep your foot tucked tight if hitting there but to expose your shin you want your toes to be pointed out if landing higher. Make sure when doing that you do not land your toes on the hit or they will probably break. but Have fun with the shin throbbing to come
Ok, sounds encouraging. I'm trying my best not to hit with the top of my foot and focus on the lower part of my shin. Perhaps it's just an adjustment to the size of the bag since it's a lot smaller in diameter from the old one.