Question about Muay Thai and teeth


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Mar 16, 2005
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Hello everyone. Right now I have the opportunity to train Muay Thai but I have some concerns. I had braces and once my teeth were straightened out, my front teeth had some gaps and in order to fix that I had to get vanirs done. I didn't really want vanirs but I had no choice. If I didnt get them my teeth would become crooked again due to the gaps.

Well my concern is will my teeth be ok? I don't think vanirs are as strong as real teeth. I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and when I had them done I told my orthodontist who said I would be fine, although I might want to wear a mouthguard just incase but she said I would be fine for the most part.

Now if I get a good mouthguard (I know nothing about them) will I be OK in Muay Thai?

Yes you should be okay. Just don't go cheap and get something that is specially fitted for your teeth. Call Opro or contact your dentist or orthodontist. Wearing a full face headgear during sparring wouldn't be a bad idea either. Might as well have two things absorbing the impact.
A mouthgaurd is always not only protects your teeth, but keeps you from doing other bad stuff like chomping your tongue off.

I know from personal observation a good mouthgaurd may be hard to find (my girlfriend trains and has a hard time finding one). If you're worried, and have dental coverage, see your orthodondist about getting a fitted one.
Thanks for all the help guys. I have a cousin who's a dentist and I think I'll call her up and let her know I need a custom mouthguard. I've been told I have a small jaw by my ortho and dentist so getting a regular mouthguard would probably be too large for me.
Braces are a pain in the ass man !!!

I had one too in my young yrs and even competed with in WTF TKD and also been hitted and was stuck in my mouth a little bit bc of impact.

I also fought a lot against my brother and I remember I was stick on his trauser with my braces and he didn't knew and went away but I was stuck that hurted lool

Anyway back ontopic

I would recommend you a mouthguard ofcourse when training and sparring (always) and def. one that's made for your mouth bc you say you have a little one and your braces.

But remember if you put in a mouthguard you have very hot water and then when it's a little bit cold of in your mouth so it suits your mouth so........

I wouldn't recommend doing competition with and always tell your partner to no go full in boxing or something bc of your braces.

Well normally in a yr, you are getting them off and can continoue with competition or something.

Keep strong man, it's not an eternity but I feel your pain !!!
I think you got it a lil confused. I don't have braces anymore but I have vanirs on my front 2 teeth. This is because there were gaps between my front 2 teeth so they had to fill it up with vanirs (or vanears, don't know how to spell it.) It's basically this stuff thats perminently around my 2 front teeth that fills the gaps I had. It just makes my tooth look bigger, so it's kinda like a fake tooth thats been added to mine.
Wear a mouthguard and you'll be fine bro.
My wife is a dentist and the guys are right on when they say that you need a good quality custom fitted mouthguard. Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain and they can be knocked off or worse, broken completely at which point you would just have to pony up the cash to have them redone. Don't skimp and try to save cash by getting some Walmart boil and suck piece of plastic. Good luck with your training
^^fuck now that scares me. Yes I'm going to go for a very good mouthguard but still...