Question about mouth guard thickness for BJJ versus Muay Thai?



I was planning on ordering a mouth guard from Jawzz after i read several positive reviews on here about them. I have been using a boil and bite shock doctor but they kept coming apart and sometime have trouble breathing with them. My question is I do bjj and muay thai. I was having trouble deciding if I should get one pro or get one pro and one adult. Is there that much of a difference in them? I do bjj tourney's and roll frequently so I wasn't sure if there would be a benefit to having the thinner of the two as well as the pro for sparring. Any suggestions? Thanks,
I'd just drop an email explaining what you do and what you plan on using their product for. The company in your case Jawz should be more than happy to recomend the correct mouthpiece for your needs.
I doubt the thicker mouthpiece would be an annoyance doing BJJ, but I can't speak from my own experience as I don't have a custom guard. I do plan on getting one though, and will be going for one big one.

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