Question about MM and MCTs with other carbs

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I just orderd some muscle milk and was wondering what to add to my shakes. Since it has the MCTs in it to burn as energy do i want to avoid adding carbs(bananes, milk etc.) to my shakes? My girlfriend bought me a MM shake from her gym that had milk and strawberrys in the vanilla MM and it tasted great. But i was wondering since my body is burning the MCTs in the MM wouldnt the carbs from the milk and fruit be a bad idea? Wouldnt my body stop burning the MCTs and start burning the carbs from the milk/fruit inturn leaving the MCTs in my system? Thanks for the help guys.
Cody, I already answered this exact question from you. The answer is (in theory), yes, the carbs are a bad idea, for the reason you stated.
Madmick, thanks for the answer. I know you answered it before but i wanted a direct yes or no answer because it seems everyone mixes their MM with milk and sometimes fruit so to me it makes no sense. If you are burning the carbs not the fat why would so many people swear by MM? Kabuki said in one of his threads he recommends it to evreyone before they try a diff shake because it is so good for you. It seems to me there would be a bunch of people on here saying MM made them fat. Maybe the MCTs do still get burned and not turned into fat? Not to be redundant but do you understand what im trying to say? Is it possible(i know nothing about how the body works)that your body burns the MCTs and carbs at the same time? Or maybe the MCTs burn alot faster than carbs so the carbs dont have time to be turned into fat? Just seems to me everyone loves MM and most mix it with milk, shouldnt it be making them gain fat? Thanks for the help.
From what I read the studies suggested that when carbs were consumed alongside the MCT's the body burned the carbs in preference to the MCT's.