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Amy Robinson

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Feb 14, 2005
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I want to enter the Joslins 2005 Canadian Open Grappling tournament, but I have a probelm, the women's divisions are like this;

114.9 lbs. and under- Beginners (0-2 yrs. experience)
115-144.9 lbs.- Advanced (2+ yrs. experience)

(heres the link )

My probelm is I'm a beginner in grappling but would have to cut serious weight (about 15 lbs., I'm currently 130) to make the weight class. And I've never had to cut that much weight before (usually I go to 126 to wrestle). So anybody have any idea on what I should do?
i know, why dont you fight at your natural weight...
kinda wierd for a canadian tourney to use lbs dont ya think?
fozzit said:
i know, why dont you fight at your natural weight...

Cuz I'd be going against people with way more experience then me.
The weight classes and skill divisions are not linked.

To be specific, there will be an under 115 Beginner and a 115-145 Beginner class. There will also be an under 115 Advanced and a 115-145 Advanced class. So just fight at your natural weight.

It's funny to imagine weight classes and skill divisions linked. Like you'd have to gain 30 lbs to be promoted.
OK, thanks for the clarification Balto, you heading up to the tourney too?

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