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Question about gi size


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Oct 31, 2005
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I am planning on buying an Atama gold weave, but I am not sure what size to choose. I am 5.7
Im your height but i weigh 15 lbs less and the A2 was extremely tight around my armpits and shoulders. I would definately go with an A3 top and A2 pants.
or size 5 top and size 4 bottom depending on if you order a brand that is Brazilian or international in sizing. Make sure that they aren't pre-shrunk other wise the sizing given above will be wrong for you.

I will buy my first kimono but I don't sure wich size will be suitable for me.Im 190 cm high,79 kg weight and i have got (only :icon_evil ) 97 cm in chest.SO wich size A3(my coach say that will be suitable for me) or a4(he say that pants are huge :D ) which size you recommend and wich gi will be better for me (i training for 2 months) WAR,BTT(atama) or KF personally i prefer WAR single. Thanks
ug the metric system

For thread starter i would get a3 top with a2 pants.

The atama's shrink when you wash them.

im 6'2 215 and i wear in a3 in atama.. its small on the top.

So it should fit you fine.