question about fat burner hot rox

rc da champ

Jan 15, 2006
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i have been looking online and doing research to find a safe/effective fat burner. so far it seems that "hot-rox" is the best one out there. i currently run about 40 min 4 or 5 times a week and lift like 5 or 6 days a week. im 6 foot and around 215 lbs but i want to cut to like 195 within the next 2 months so i kinda wanted to try the hot rox. does anyone have experience with anything like this or know anything about it??
Wow, this is a much better thread for you my friend. Good to see you in the supplement forums. I just got a bottle yesterday at mu buddy's urging. He swears by it. ask me in a week and I'll let you know how it's going. Can you provide a link to the reviews you found?
Not w/ Hot Rox, specifically, but Biotest products are very highly regarded, in general. I've used Alpha Male and I thought it was a good supp. I'll pick up another bottle in a month or so. Jamison, be sure to report back w/ an update.
so no one out there knows anything at all about hot rox or other ephedra free stuff??? i find that hard to believe!
Fo what it's worth, I'm skeptical of anything that is not ephedra, but the last 2 days I have taken this, it has definately suppressed my appetite. It makes me feel very full. Like I said, my buddy swears by this stuff, so we'll see. He's the one that turned me on to muscle milk and I can't get enough of this stuff. Fat-Wilhem- good to see you in supplement forum pal.
I too would like to know more about this. I might buy this as I'm trying to cut weight.
Any updates on Hot-Rox?

I would be interested to know also.
Is ephedra legal again? I thought I heard something about that.

I may get some thermogenics when I start to cut. ( tried to cut naturally and I could never get ripped. always had a little fat on the gut. need something to help me with that)
Im doing an ECA stack,

Aparently it is the best way to have the effects of the old hydroxicut days.

I'll let you know my results in as they come in so you can see if it is worth it or not compaired to hotrox or some other premade ephedra free brand.

i have been using hot-rox for just under 3 weeks now. i have lost about 8 lbs which is alot cuz im not fat. the main thing i noticed was that my strength actually increased. i credit the loss of whatever little fat i had to my diet and cardio, but i must say this is the first time i have ever done a "cutting phase" and gained strength, which i will assume is the hot-rox. i experienced no side effects and no jitters so that is good. i recommend this product for someone who is cutting and doesnt want to lose strength.