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Question about deletion of threads

High Test With da Best

Fife Island
Jun 9, 2007
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Just a quick question, probably only need one response.

Under what circumstances does a thread get deleted? I was looking for the thread started a couple days ago about the disappearance of honey bees and couldn't find it at all. (Not a life or death situation, just an example) Thanks in advance.
If a thread goes down the shitter, i.e. tons of flaming, gets raided with porn, etc. etc. it's easier to delete the thread rather than going through and editting a bunch of posts.

If the thread is started by someone who has been banned for a major infraction like porn, sometimes all of his threads will be pruned just so the mods are sure none of his crap is lingering on the board.
Threads will get deleted if they violate the rules of the forum. Usually stupid stuff like trolling/multple threads on same topic/posted in wrong forum area etc

If it was deleted im sure it was for a good reason
Sorry for answering mods. Old habit.
all good Sonny just dont put a IHOP beatdown on me!
Thanks dudes, this makes perfect sense. That honeybee one was going well, but now that you mention it, there was an infiltration of the "poop on girl's face" picture. Delivered exactly what it promised. . .

Anyway, thanks again!