Question about coming back from an injury


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Jul 8, 2005
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I dislocated my shoulder at a tournament last Sunday and I was wondering if anyone in here has ever done that and how long was it before you felt confident in getting back on the mat again after you healed? Thanks for an input you have...
ive never done that but i believe that was the injury josh barnett suffered against mirko crocop last year and hes been out over a year with it. i guess it depends how much damage you do. if it is a simple dislocation with no ligament/tendon damage you could probably be out anywhere from 2weeks to 2 months. if there is significant damage that would probably require surgery and youd be out awhile
Try and get to a physiotherapist, it will help speed up your recovery.
I am Mr. Injuries - and had them all (no shit)
Dislocation of shoulder is gonna take a while. Get to a physiotherapist and follow his instructions on how to regain strength in your shoulder area.
Once you have one dislocation, you are definetly in danger of getting them again easily... Be careful is the bottom line man
Be very careful of kimura, keylock n omoplatas [perhaps there r others]. These r most likely to f up ya shoulders. I just strained mine from defending a kimura. Hopw its only less than subluxated. How do u clearly tell tho? any1 knows?
According to my doctor the best way to tell if the shoulder is dislocated is the amount of pain you are in. A full dislocation is extruciatingly painful. If it's only slightly out of socket it won't hurt as bad and you will still have a pretty good range of motion.. That's what I was told hope it helps.