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Question about boxing in STL



I'm thinking about transferring to a university in a larger city with a good boxing scene. I wanna go to a school in St Louis and I was wondering if anybody here is from there. Are there any good legit boxing gyms in the area? I looked up gyms in STL and most of them seem to be cardio kickboxing places or MMA gyms. I don't really care about MMA so I would prefer a regular boxing gym.
The boxing scene itself is alive and kicking in St Louis. There was a thread in Stand Up/or here awhile back about boxing byms in St Louis and there are still a few that are just Boxing. May want to search both.
I came up through the amatuers in the STL program. There used to be the saying, "if you can win in STL, then you can win anywhere."

That doesn't hold true anymore, and that statement was most accurate in the mid to late
80's. Even when I was an amatuer from 89 - 94 (took a break to finish college) we still had plenty of fights. The STL golden gloves would have 300-400 boxers. Every "community center" had a boxing program funded by the city. It helped too that one of the Budweiser execs was a huge supporter. STL teams always had the best uniforms, warm-ups, got the biggest trophies. As a young fighter, that stuff was great.
Boxing has slowly declined with the budget cuts that face all govt programs.

Buddy Shaw, Kenny Loehr, and Ben Stewart are/were all national level coaches. Ben coached at the Wellston rec center - not a nice area. Ken Loehr runs the program at the 12th & Park rec center. That is a mixed/decent spot. Buddy - one of my old trainers - used to coach at the Cochran Community Center. Since he is training Cory Spinks, I'm not sure where he may have moved his operation. If you are living across the river in Illinois, Terry Davis runs a gym in Madison, IL. I knew him from my amateur days, and his son Ryan and I shared a dressing room when I fought Audley Harrison in Vegas. Good guys.
Hey Jason, what do you know about Berkeley City Of boxing Facility? Its pretty close to UMSL, which is one of the school's I'm looking at. Thanks

They have a few listings of gyms in the area. SCR does just boxing I think and therirs a link at Fightclubstl to them

Yeah I looked them up and I'm a bit untrusting of the boxing/striking instruction in most MMA gyms. They also seem to have certain days and times when they teach boxing and even more limited boxing sparring. I'm looking more into pure boxing gyms but if I have to I'll go to an MMA gym. Thanks anyway
Hey Jason, what do you know about Berkeley City Of boxing Facility? Its pretty close to UMSL, which is one of the school's I'm looking at. Thanks

sorry for the late reply.

IIRC, the Berkeley club was coached by former contender Harold Petty. Can't tell you anything more than that besides I KO'd one of their fighters in the semi-finals of the 1994 Golden Gloves :icon_twis