Question about - Beef Liver Tablets


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Dec 25, 2004
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A guy from the gym suggested that I add beef liver tablets into my diet. I never knew liver came in a pill form. I
Liver tabs are good. Read this,

Another thing that I heard, is your body absorbs the amino acids in the liver tabs very well, better than other supplements. Something you might need to worry about when taking these is your cholesterol, if you're already high in that area.
Iron is a big thing in beef liver tablets. I have heard good things from them from old school bodybuilders (similar to MCT's) but have not really read anything more informative than personal opinions. Men, since they do not loose blood through menstration, do not need as much iron as females. Also, men normally eat a decent amount of read meat and get iron there. I am unsure of the toxic levels of iron, but I would check to see how much you are getting with those tablets and how much is in your multivitamin. A 5 min search on google will give you all the info that you will ever need on iron.
actually, I'm not sure you can get too much Iron through liver. I remember reading about it when i was considering supplementing with dessicated liver tabs, but I can't find my source right now. Anyone else out there know the specifics of iron poisoning?
There great, and Yes you can take to much. 1-2 a day is fine, depending on how much you train.