Qs on some Ross exercises


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Aug 6, 2003
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I just got the Underground Guide off of a buddy of mine (he purchased II recently and loves it), and I'm not certain how to perform a couple of the exercises. In particular, I'm not sure I understand how to perform the Stand Up drills or the Knee to Standing Jump.

With the knee jump, is the point to jump directly to standing or to jump to a semi-squat and stand from there? What confused me is that the second picture shows Ross in a semi-squat. The semi-squat would also make the Star Jump variation less complex.

With the Stand Up drills, am I to focus on jumping to standing as fast as possible? For instance, with the Lying Stand Up drill, should I focus on exploding to a sit-up, jumping my legs under me into a squat position, then squatting as fast as possible?

I love the book and plan on getting NG and II, but not until I at least get some value out of this one and I'd really like to work with these exercises. Thanks for any help!
Honestly, the best person to ask is ross. shoot him an email.
Excellent idea, I had completely forgotten about that option. Thanks.
Comparing Underground Guide to II, NG, and the DVD is not a fair comparison.

You really need to get the other stuff.