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Q about sprints


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Jan 28, 2007
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Hi everybody.
I`m planning to put sprints back into my routine, because i`m not pleased with my progress.
My goal is fat loss/general fitness.
So my question is:
Are longer sprints, like 200 - 400 m generally better for fat loss than short distances?
If i sprint 200m uphill, jog back and repeat until i cant do no more, lets say 5-7 times, is it more effective than sprinting 50 - 100m uphill jog back and repeat until i can do no more, like 10 - 15 times?
When comparing hiit to lsd it is often talked about the body`s "hormonal response"?
Is it the same for both ways (long sprints/short sprints) if you really go until you cant anymore or has one an advantage above the other?

Thank you!
alternate both, keep your body guessing
I have a dilemma here. I have a couple hills of 20-25 degree and 35 degree near me. I love running them, but can't decide whether to do 6 all out sprints twwice a week to completely burn out, or 3-4 reps 3-4 days a week to get more sessions in.

Some will say hit legs in the gym one of those days, but I have a hand injury to I'm not deadlifting or squatting for a couple weeks. I do Staley's EDT for upper body alternating chins and dips, if anyone cares for the rest of the workout. Thanks for any input

EDIT: forgot it was my first post under this name, greetings everyone.

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