Putting Together A Solid Schedule


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Dec 13, 2002
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Every time I try putting together a new training schedule I find myself too sore or exhausted to stick with it week after week. Part of the reason is I try to encompass EVERYTHING! Including Muay Thai, strength training with weights, running, GPP, and Bas Rutten's MMA Workout. I would have to say that my main problem is that I really enjoy lifting but can't follow a bodybuilding schedule due to lack of time and the fact that I can't work a muscle group to complete exhaustion because I need to be able to train the next day. Any suggestions of a schedule that will give me 1 to 2 days off a week and how to cut back on lifting but still get in some good workouts using weights? Obviously I still need to train Muay Thai and would like to include some of the other workouts I mentioned above. Thanks!
You ask about strength training then talk about a bodybuilding split? those are really 2 different things. If you read over the FAQ in S&P there is a good 2 day split that you can do for strength training. Aside from that it's impossible to say what you should set up without knowing what days you do training and so forth, for example i would try and put really intensive strength training as far away from MMA training as possible so that the DOMS wouldn't affect my training. Also look into rosstraining.com
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And do not forget you are a fighter and not a bodybuilder,so train like a fighter.Forget the bodybuilding type workouts.You have many objectives and many targets to hit as a fighter.
I mean you will be sparring,doing anaerobic conditioning workout, G p p workouts,Hitting the heavy bag,hitting the mitts,shadow boxing and e.t.c.

Schedule your workout around your primary goal, which I think is becoming a better fighter by all aspects.strength workout is supplementary to your training.Believe it you can achieve more with less strength workouts.Focus on quality not quantity...
Start light and build up your work capacity, remember to get plenty of rest and do everything possible to improve your recovery. Prioritise which of those things means more to you and shape the other workouts around it (for example if you care most about Muay Thai and you are weight training the day before, maybe dont kill yourself on the weights and save some juice for the Thai training)
try barbell complexes, create your own variations of what you see guys like randy and franklin doing on their all access shows etc