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Push Press vs SOHP Strength?


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May 1, 2007
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I consider my shoulders to be one of the, if not the most, dominant physical features I have, but my push press to over head press either behind the neck or military is crazy weaker. Obviously it is suppose to be weaker since one recruits leg drive, but I don't really explode too crazy on my press and just bump the weight up yet I can do 3 plates and change with the push press just about as easily as I can overhead press just 1 plate and some change.

This has to be a huge muscular imbalance right? I don't bench at all and focus entirely on push ups regular and plyo' and my bench is at the same level as my push press even though I thought ideally you should be able to bench = OHP if not OHP more.

Any advice or comments outside of "keep OHP each week with more weight" ?
Wait, you think that you should be able to SOHP more than you bench? You push press over 315 and you're asking for advice on what exactly?
My studies from lurking here have taught me OHP should = bench, or at least relatively close. It doesn't make sense to me why my shoulders should be so much weaker than a part of my body I don't even really weight train with. I've never done sitting OHP does that work better for strengthening the shoulders?
Maybe its the triceps which need some attention?
Damn... 315+ on the PP is impressive as hell. You must have freakishly strong triceps to lock it out (assuming you are using minimal leg drive like you said)
My studies from lurking here have taught me OHP should = bench, or at least relatively close.
Yes that is true...for your species. However, that is not true for humans.
I am not sure I believe you. You say you can push press 315 plus just as easily as you can SOHP 135? Even if you are using a great deal of leg drive, there should be much more of a carryover from the push press to OHP--by the way, I am not a fan of the press as a lift ( maybe as an exercise, but that is another story)
I'm going to go ahead and guess that the OP has never actually lifted weights.
If you really push press 315, what the hell are you complainin' about exactly?
I SOHP 185(tonight), Pushpress 225 (haven't done in forever, so maybe I could do more now).

Your numbers just don't make sense to me unless what you mean by 1 plate and change is like 205. Do you have a shoulder impingement?

Bench definitely does not equal SOHP.
I'm going to go ahead and guess that the OP has never actually lifted weights.

I'm going to agree with that. That has to be bullshit, anyone who has lifted long enough to push press 3 wheels wouldn't be saying shit like "bench should = strict press".

My press is 185, and I've push pressed 242.
What do you think is a better exercise to do, push press or sohp, or both?
So the guys main chest exercise is pushup and he presses 315+, easily. Yeah, I don't think I'm believing this.
Believe whatever you guys fucking want. It's not my fault im naturally fucking strong as shit and focus primarily on my legs and back when I lift so my push press is so much stronger than my OHP. Also, if it's hard to believe that someone who weighs 230+lbs can bench over 3 plates while only doing pushups (I brought it up as an example to demonstrate why I'm concerned that the OHP is my weakest lift - with the exception of the OHSquat) then you are the retards so get off your high horse.

I wasn't trying to fucking say my e-cock is 2 feet long and I'm the keanu reeves of alpha males; I just thought OHP and Bench were relatively similar lifts and should correlate on some level. I guess not. I've used this board for going on 2 years for lifting advice, and have been injured and seen great results because of it.

If the OHP is suppose to be the weakest lift for someone who is athletic, lift weights, and is muscularly balanced than I'd like to know. If not, then I know I really do I have something I need to focus on more.