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Jan 10, 2008
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I got hit in the side of my head, by a L hook. The punch didn't even bother me at the time,and now for the last few days I've been experiencing dizzy spells. It happens most often when I get up after laying down...

We were sparring w/MMA gloves, and like I said, when I got hit the punch didn't even "ring-my-bell." I didn't have a headach, nothing...

My question is: Have any of you ever experienced this? Is it going to go away in a week or so? Is it a common occurance?

Thanks for the replies. I can't go to the doctor. My wife would just shit if I told her what happened!!!! It isn't that bad either. Give me your advice or experiences. I may be "ready for the glue factory." (that sentence goes out to the MOD who replied to my Long in the Tooth thread...)

Damn man that doesnt sound good. I believe Gerald McClellen also complained of dizzy spells before his last fight.

How old are you? How many hard hits have you taken over lifetime? I wouldn't spar for atleast a month or three.
it's a slight concussion. Just like a whiplash from a car accident doesn't hurt until the second day. You'll be fine in a few days. But as always, monitor it, if it doesn't improve over those few days or gets worse, then get it checked.
Even though you said you can't, go to the doctor. Your head injuries aren't really good to just shrug off.
Actually, dude, call 311 and tell them what you are feeling. Any sort of dizziness or vision problems are serious business. If its a stroke the sooner you get to the hospital the better off you'll be. In the other thread you said you were in your 40's, thats young but you never know. Anything thats happening to your brain is not something you just pass off.
sorry but dont sparr with mma gloves....
dude, call health line. it sounds like a concussion, and concussions can kill you without you even feeling unwell.

definitely call healthline or emergency cuz it can be serious.
ummm...go see a doctor and shit unless you want to be eating your meals through a straw and living the rest of your life in a wheelchair or some shit.
Head injuries are fucking serious. Like not just serious, but REALLY FUCKING SERIOUS!!!!!
This is your brain you are playing with.

edti:like don't post on sherdog about this sorta stuff, go see a real doctor. Fuck what any schmuck on here says about you being okay or not worrying about it. Do you really want to trust your personal well being to some fucktard on the internet or to a doctor? If you answer fucktard then just ignore my post.
MMA gloves for sparring and coming here for advice instead of DR = Evolution at work.

^Thanks for posting those links, always been looking to watch that since I missed Ring of Fire...just another reason not to screw around with your health, especially in Boxing.
What kind of idiot would spar with MMA gloves? Use 16 ounce gloves, you'll get more tired too so you'll build endurance.