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Jan 9, 2008
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Punch bag help / advice please. It's s tarnge how i can't really find any thing online about regarding bag reviews etc considerin the amount of peopel that own them.

Ran a search, didn't find much.

Anyone in the UK with some good punchbag experience to share? I have a home stand, and need a bag for it.

I'm thinkin quality over price to be honest, but it pains me to spend that ikinda money on a bag. This is the best one I've seen...


Alternatively, this is cheaper but I can't help thinkin that this brand is just like a BBE type cheap and cheerful brand.


Any opinions? I'm interested in quality and obv there's no point getting a cheaper one if it brreaks, but on the other hand I'm not putting it in a club, and I'm not a pro fighter who trains for hours every day... How bad quality REALLY are the cheaper ones lol. (a friend said he had problem with cheaper bags in a local gym (weights gym not mma gym) because the chain straps (holding the bag to the chains) kept breaking.

Heavy bags are kind of strange to buy. If I were you I would try to find a place where you can personally look and feel the heavy bag. Some heavy bags look great but then you hit them and you manage to hit right on an internal sandbag or something like that.

So if you can find a place and check them out yourself. Make sure there are no sand bags floating around that will break your wrist. Most bags are fairly sturdy. Make sure whichever one you get has a suitable hanging system for your space.

Out of those 2 I would obviously go with the windy. Shipping is going to be a bitch if it is filled. Sometimes the heavy bags are not pre-filled so make sure you get what you want.
thanks for the reply...

Have been to a couple shops to see, to b honest it boils down to longevity - I plan on using it for a long time lol, so I'm leaning towards the windy bag as it should last, and 2 of the 'cheap 'bags will be over double the price of the windy. No point in getting a cheap bag where the fixings break or whatever.

Yep getting it sent filled, shipping is not too bad (15 quid, thought it would be more.) Also the windy bag weighs about 5 kgs more, but is 4.5ft rather than 5ft. (which could be aproblem.)

I never thought it'd b so difficult to find a ready made bag which weighed 40 or 45 kgs and was 5 ft and was also good quality! lol. As I said previously, I'm thinking of just biting and paying the money for the quality, but still I can't help feel that I'm wasting money because as I said, it's not going in a gym and I'm no pro lol. (Espec as they get away with using much lower quality bags in gyms everywhere.)
I hear what your saying. I have a canvas 80lb bag (around 36kg) and it has held up really well. It is a little light however. 45kg like you are saying is a very good weight. 4.5ft seems short to me. Lol heavy bag buying is a bitch. I would just go with the windy. it looks pretty nice. The height will be fine, you just wont be able to work on low kicks that well.
Thanks again man...

>Lol heavy bag buying is a bitch.

Agreed lol. Overly complicated for a big filled 'sack' thats sole purpose is to b battered to fuck. (grr)

I'm (unfortuantely) using a century heavy bag stand (it's quite beefy) because I have nowhere to hang a bag till I move out. I could always adjust the height of the chains, but yea I agree 5 ft. I was talking to my workmate about it and he said "unless you plan to fight pigmes" (sp lol). Which did kinda bring home that it was quite small lol, I don't wana not b able to low kick it.

How wrong is the reasoning that any mid height kicks I do will also develop my low kicking? As it's the same motion / movement except for aiming lower.. beacuse if that's the case, then I can just work mid thai kicks instead of low, and the carryover will be fine... If my reasoning is bullcrap, then I'll have to find a 5 ft bag or it will just annoy me too much lolol.

Maybe I will measure it all when I get bk from work, 4.5 ft may be workable.. Again depends how you weigh it up, the superior quality and size (both in weight and circumference) of the bag as opposed to normal bags may effectively offset the .5 ft height differece... lol. Cheers again.