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Jan 4, 2006
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This report:
Indicates that althelets and muscle builders need under 1gram per pound per day of protien, and that the one gram/per pound limit is the upper ceilling of usability. This seems to contradict the oft-cited 1.5 grams per pound ratio.
I'm new to this whole thing so I'd like to hear some more experienced people's thoughts on this.

And given even a 1.5 grams per pound ratio, and the amount of protien in many foods compared to the 20 to 24 grams in a serving of protien shake, how nessecary are the supplements really?
I've never heard 1.5 grams per pound. I've always gone by .75-1.0 grams per pound, depending on how hard you train. Perhaps the 1.5 g/lb came from the notion that people aren't going to monitor intake timing and amount per serving so they're covering the amount you're likely going to pee out w/ the extra 1/2 gram.

If you don't go over 25-35 grams per hour or so, 1g/lb. should be plenty.
that sounds logical.

I'm actually trying to burn fat and increase my cardio-ability right now
So i'm using the protien as a morning meal replacement, along with greens power, wheat grass and a multi.
I have heard these ratio's before but the best gains in size and strength I ever saw when I would take a lot more...I weighed about 175 and was taking...

20g's with breakfast
40g's post workout
20g's an hour and a half after workout
30g's (long lasting ie casien or time release) before bed

Not too mention I was eating lean meats, eggs and cottage that I think about it I was prob getting 1 for 1, but when I would do less my gains weren't as much...

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