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Protein shake


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Jun 4, 2008
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im sure this has been discussed before bit what do people think of the protein shakes at myprotein.co.uk?
Lol. For good protein shakes I use whey protein, peanut butter, banana, strawberry. Blend until smooth. That's damned good stuff right there.
You wont even taste the eggs mixed with your shake. Also...add some greens. I add spinach to mine, :)
Bruce Lee was the man! He consumed about 5k cals and burned all that shit off...hence the way he looks. The man was a cardio freak. I have tons of books on him.
I used to think all protein were made equal until I bumped into Muscle Milk
Making a shake is an easy way to add in all types of healthy things that you don't like to eat. For example, if you find it hard to choke down spinach, throw a couple handfulls in with your shake and blend. If you can get past the nasty green color, you won't even taste it but you'll get all the nutrients from it. My shakes always have all kinds of strange things in it, but all I ever taste is the whey and the fruit