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Props to SSF and HCK


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Jan 23, 2004
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I ordered my gi late on Wednesday and got it in the mail today. They called me just to verify my order. Very impressive. Please let us know when the SSF gis become available. I asked a question and they quickly responded to my email, hell they even stopped me from spending more money than I actually did. You've got a customer for as long as I can tie on a gi and throw on my fight shorts.

On to the gi itself, I ended up going with the HCK 20oz gi. When I first grabbed the package, it felt heavy as hell, but once I threw it on it felt great. I won't get to roll in it until Tuesday morning, but it feels great.

I'll put up a follow up after class.

Thanks again and good luck in the future.
Nice. Just futher confirmation of what we all already knew...Ron Rocks!
agreed-- I ordered some zebra mats from him, expecting to wait 2-3 weeks for them. Only took one week! And with plenty of correspondence along the way.

Ron, you're making it rough on other businesses. And my bank account (`cause you keep adding new stuff, not due to hiked up prices!) :)