Proper way to fall for ya legs?


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Jun 7, 2004
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Title says it all. But..

I was training last Friday. Basically I fell victim to a butterfly sweep. Then I landed on my right Big toe first, to the ground. My toe was bent backwards, or 'upwards'..u all get the picture.

Till now its Sunday night n it still hurts if I touch it just slightly. Does not look or feel dislocated tho.

Just a rest?

If I fall facing 'forwards' how should I best position my foot?
Umm...I think it was just a freak accident and how you bent your toes. I've broken both of my big toes and it kinda sucks. I did it differently I was diong takedowns and my big toe folded underneath my foot, turned completely redish purple that extended 3 inches down my foot.

Nothing you can really do besides wear wrestling shoes when training, and when you compete in events taht don't allow shoes I just tape my big toe to my other toe. To stabilize it a bit.

For advice on how to "land" on your foot....I think your own my friend. Prevention is the key.
Dude, someone was going for a sesie and hit my toe and ripped the nail off, even though it was cut short, DONT BITCH!
Sometimes you just fall awkward - nothing you can really do. Bad new is though - I reckon that joint will hurt like a SOB for a while - it's a big joint and will take some time to heal.

You'll have to tape it for training until it is a lot better. Like below - supporting the joint over the arch of the foot or under the bridge of the foot as needed (even both is a possibility although you might need more flexibility for training than this setup allows).

judogido said:
Big Toes
The big toe takes a bit more taping like below, although you can also run the tape right over the tip of the toe if you want. You can also do this for the smaller toes but without wrapping around the individual toes.
No, I meant at that instantaneous point when I was in the air, I thought of my toes too if I land. Ok, imagine u r on all four n u r in the air. U still can decide wat to do. I was confused in that instantaneous moment n just remained status quo. Hence my toe.

Say you are falling forwards. U alreadi know not to straighten yr arms 2 avoid hyperextending them. What wat is the general injury prevention tip for the legs? Aka to fall on ya knees? to flip out your foot? or?? I hav no idea.
this is why I wear shoes bro.

many grapplers tape their fingers and toes...
I dont' think this is that freaky of an accident...
The question isn't really answered..unless it is meant there is no way to.

I can't wear shoes at my dojo..believe it is the same at most gi dojos. Never seen any1 wif gis n shoes fighting..looks funny.. perhaps only in mma?

Anyway, Like I said, if I m on all fours falling down, extending my foot[foot alone] will cause me to land on knees heavily. Flexing it back will b a much softer landing but the injury I incurred. Left or right my leg may be twisted into a heek hook + heavy landing too. Hmm..
Try to fall to your side. Hit the side of your foot first, all the way up to your side, and slap the ground as you hit. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do.