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    I was just in a thread where I talked about how Chris Weidman will think ahead about position and passing as he hits a takedown. A good majority of fighters do not think about this during or ahead of time but after the fact. Weidman is one of the few small handful of fighters that can take a fighter down and pass as they land or just a split second later and do it seamlessly. Here are some examples of him shooting in and doing this, from clinch TD's as well, and passing directly after landing the TD to get into the position he's looking to secure.

    Here Weidman shoots a double-leg and uses a trip at the end of it to get Sakara to the ground. As he was cutting the angle and driving him backwards he used the trip to land directly into side control perfectly.


    In the first Silva fight, Chris hit a deep double-leg and shucked Anderson off his back by dropping him to the side where he could've secured side control and worked (though he chose not to for GnP reasons).

    Weidman hit an awkward clinch-based TD against Bongfeldt that he botched but fixed, allowing him to land into side control and wrap his head up afterward.


    Weidman grabs a single that he turns into a double and when he lands he still has Lawlor's legs wrapped up, allowing him to pass to the side if he wanted to (can't recall if he actually did or not).


    Weidman also hit a high-crotch TD against Munoz in the 1st and passed right into side control. In the second round, right off the bat, Weidman hit yet another high-crotch TD and passed immediately to side control briefly and then to the north-south position. I may go ahead later on and add one or both of those TD's that shows him immediately passing with ease.

    Chris doesn't just hit a takedown to score points and do nothing with it. He is always thinking a step or two ahead about position and passing and it shows (and not just with his grappling). Here is an excellent (but older) read on Weidman's takedowns, passing + control and submissions -> Analyzing the Ground Game: Chris Weidman

    There are other fighters that do this too. Feel free to list some of them and some examples in the form of GIF images and/or video. Preferably of them hitting a takedown that already puts them in a dominant position such as side control, north-south, or on top with full mount (not so much in half-guard since it isn't uncommon to land in directly).
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    The lateral against Bongfeldt was awkward, but succeeded because of his base-switch followed by clockwise feet shifting. Very good adaptation to a bad situation.

    I don't think the takedown against Lawlor was initiated as a single. It was supposed to be a double but the right hand used to set up the penetration step caught over Lawlor's shoulder briefly before coming down, slowing how fast he snatched up the far side.

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