Problems w/ Hang Snatch


Aug 31, 2005
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For some reason I just can't freakin' do these things. It's like I lose all balance as I'm trying to bring it over my head and then stumble around. I only started seriously training for strength a few months ago. Before that...well, let's just say that I'd never really been introduced to the concept of actual strength training.

Anyway, so I'm doing some lifts that I'd never done before, including deadlifts, as well as some that I rarely tried, such as squats, plus heavier benches and such at lower reps. And, while these exercises aren't giving me much trouble, the hang snatch for some reason is just killing me, even at lower weights. I'm having a tough time getting underneath the weight, like my legs just don't want to go into the squat position.

Is there some kind of mental thing that I just need to work through? It's almost like I'm afraid that my srms aren't going to lock and I'm almost afraid that the weight will fall, but like I said before, it's a balance thing, too, I guess. Are there any assistance lifts that would help me with the hang snatch?
I had this same problem. Start out by doing overhead squats....and then do them over and over again with a very light weight. If the bar is giving you trouble then use a broomstick. Grab the broom stick and do the entire movement as slow as possible and then the entire snatch as slow as possible. Watch yourself or get someone else to correct your form when you are doing them slow. After that, try doing the movement quicker but still usng the broomstick. Eventually try doing it as qucik as possible. You'll find you dont tend to throw the stick back too far because you have alot of control. Eventually work up to the bar and then small weights. Snatches are very difficult to learn (especially with you dont have anyone to show you) so dont give up or get discouraged.
Another thing that helped me was getting my legs further apart and creating a nice wide base.