Problem with jab and cross


White Belt
Sep 22, 2004
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I have noticed that my jab by itself is very powerful, nice pop to it. If I throw a left jab and then right cross my jab is weak. If I really focus on my jab it will be slow, to get it more powerful so the 1-2 is very choreographed then. I have also noticed, something I really like is after my right to throw te left jab while backing out, and it is f-ing strong. Its a pop, pop, pop and back out type manuever, awesome though. I pretty much step to the left side and back when I throw it, I am avoiding the counter and inflicting some damage. Problem is when a good fighter picks up on it though.

So to sum it up my jab is good by itself and good after a right cross, but very poor when leading the 1-2. I have tried to focus on it by hitting my 1-2 constantly but it is not correcting the problem.

Also dont have the problem when fighting southpaw.
Shadowbox this in a southpaw stance in front of a mirror. Then do it orthodox. Find what the difference in your movement is.
are you putting your shoulder into the cross after the jab? if so then just work on that combo on the bag I say :)