Problem with heavy bag spring and ceiling mount


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Apr 21, 2006
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I have a 100 lb Ringside thai bag and as I was working the bag the other day the spring attached to the ceiling mount snapped. I'm not sure which end the piece that broke was attached to (bag chain or ceiling mount) because it happened suddenly. So I examined the spring and mount and noticed that the eyebolt on the mount is worn down creating sharp edges. I've had it for one year, but that's not normal, right?

Here are some pics:



I have this mount:

and this spring:

Has anyone else had this happen or have an idea as to what caused it?
Anybody have a clue?

I don't want to spend money on the same hardware and have this happen again, but this hanger and spring was the only combo that will work with the bag I have since it is 72" and my basement is not very tall.
I have that same mount and i bought it with the everlast spring and the spring is much bigger than the one you have there. Also the newer ones have two loops at the end
Heavy Bag Spring - Heavy Duty something like this
If you worried about an inch or two try shortening up the chain the bag is attached to
Hey, aaron. I have a Combat Sports 72' inch bag and I can't hang it... unless I hang it the way you did. Is it a safe way to hang (meaning will it break the raptors)?
Is there a swivel between the eye bolt and the bag?

It looks like the spring hook is twisting back and forth on the eye bolt causing the wear, and the torque is probably causing fatigue failure of the spring hook.
No, there is no swivel. I had to link the spring that broke directly to the four individual chains to get the bag off the floor. So it looks like that is the problem... it seems obvious now.

Beyond selling it the only solution would be to shorten the chain, but does anyone know about how many links I could safely take off w/o changing the way the bag swings?
Also, it's been a few years since I've welded, would tig or mig work better?

FHC Wrestling,
Yes it is a safe way to hang the bag in regards to the rafters, but you can learn from my mistake and add a swivel. :icon_chee