problem with anaconda choke?

Brendon Katz

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Aug 17, 2002
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i cant seem to close anaconda chokes properly. i get my arm thru , grab my bicep , get that arm onto his back , and usually at that point he just bursts out and i cant keep him there. any tips please ?
You need a lot of weight on your opponent in order to have proper control over him. If he can bust out, you don't have control of him.

Position, then submission.
When you initiate it thurst your arm through harder and spin him around..... if he is on his side it's harder for him to "burst" out. Or just train your grip...
yeh, so if anybody cares i found wat i was lookin 4 on stephen keasling (or wtf)'s website , gotta get more shoulder pressure and get the arm in deeper. also my roll sucked compared 2 denis kang's . guess thats 2 b kinda expected tho , got sumtin 2 aim 4 now.
he also put it up as a sticky at the top of the grappling forum.