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pro plus


Feb 12, 2005
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i work a long day and for a while i was addicted to red bull to get me through the day and training at night
i was on like six cans a day
i knew they had shit loads of sugar and bad stuff in them so i decided to switch over to pro plus tablets
i dont know if you have them outside the uk but there just simply wide awake tablets
full of caffeine
can anyone suggest any alternatives or is this ok?
I don't think there is anything wrong with taking caffeine. If you take it often, you'll get headaches when you stop, and the only way to relieve them is to take a small dose. If you are heavily using it I would recommend ramping down the dose.

Also, I personally woudln't take TONS of it all the time because anything overdone is unhealthy. Its much easier to consume large amounts of caffiene pill wise.

Just try other things to keep awake. Eat some food, drink something fizzy, get more sleep, I dunno. Don't be lazy and just pop pills.