Pro At Cooking, Episode #3


"dave, don't you think it's cruel to slaughter pigs for bacon?"

"at least pigs get to run for their lives. zucchinis couldn't do shit!"
This is the first time seeing this. Thanks for posting. Funny shit. lol!
Man, that was hilarious! And made me really hungry. :icon_chee
That shit made me hungry. Damn! I must go eat now. I like the concept, though.
that is dave and those two shows make my life better every time I watch them. I was bored writing lesson plans for work the other day and I watched almost all the old episodes of pwnage.
best line:

"well look, who's the expert on being Chinese?"

The pizza reminds me of the one that John Berardi made.
Just wanted to say I made Dave's meaty pita pizza for lunch. Awesome stuff.

The only thing I didn't like was the genoa had a lot of sodium. The lowest sodium genoa I could find was 380mg/oz. There's approx. 4 ounces per pita so we're talking 1520mg of sodium just from the meat.

Next time I'll probably substitute it for fresh chicken.
I think Erco mentioned in the last PAC episode thread that it's not him.